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British Call Duck Club

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Tenth Anniversary Show

Origins of the Call Duck An Ornamental Duck Pond
The British Call Duck Club was launched on the 19th August 1997 so that anybody with an interest in Call Ducks could come together to promote the breeding and showing of Calls.
On 12 January 2008 we celebrated with a Club Show in the Brithdir Hall at The County Showground, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. Call breeders from as far north as the Shetlands and as far south west as Cornwall attended. Judging was by Lou Horton and Jane Edington - flying in from the USA just for us. ........Read More
No one is really sure as to the origins of Call Ducks, but it is generally believed that they were first bred in Holland where they were known as the Dutch Decoy. One school of thought has it though that they came from the Orient before that. Around the time they were being developed in Holland they were also being bred in England, especially in Norfolk, where it became fashionable to name them 'Calls' - hence today's name. ........Read More Making an Ornamental Duck Pond as a Garden Feature.
Several years ago, we decided to create a garden feature, that would not only enhance the fontal view of our home but would provide a secure and attractive area in which to keep a small flock of ducks. Having selected a suitable site which was both sheltered and visible the hard work of excavation (by hand) and disposal of the spoil began.........Read More
Call Duck Behaviour Shetland Islands  
My first pair of Calls were obtained when Pam Price of Knighton presented me with a pair of whites to house with some three or four month old black Swans I'd purchased. Swans are noted for being pugnacious towards other species and Pam thought, and events proved her right, that if my Swans were introduced to other livestock especially smaller species at that early age, they'd be more tolerant in adult life. These Calls grew on me because not only were they cute looking but their behaviour fascinating. ....Read More A personal account of the Call Duck calendar in the Shetland Islands.
Keeping Call ducks has been a very pleasant experience for me over the past eleven or so years that I have had them. It started for me when I was visiting the 'Orkney County Show' (on our neighbouring islands) and I saw and fell in love with the little Call duck. The following notes I have put together for Call duck fanciers to act as an insight into Call duck keeping on a northerly Scottish island. ...Read More


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