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British Call Duck Club

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Welcome to the British Call Duck Club

It is with pleasure that you are welcomed to the British Call Duck Club's website. The club was formed in August 1997 with the intention that persons having similar interests in Call Ducks, could come together to promote the breeding and showing of Call Ducks and to exchange ideas and information on all relevent and related matters. It is an independent Club, affiliated only to the Poultry Club of Great Britain which has always been the governing body of our Poultry Show Scene and overall guardian of all Poultry Standards.

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or simply to enjoy !

The Club aims to be of interest to everyone, - whether a child, a novice, a family or serious breeder, the Club welcomes all ! Calls are colourful and intelligent. If showing is not at the top of the agenda then they can simply be enjoyed as pets. Children, in particular, like them because they are small and full of character. Members are more than welcome to get in touch to see if someone can help them, should the need arise with their Calls.

The Club produces two newsletters, a yearbook and a breeder's directory each year, which are free to members. The magazines are full of Call Duck information and anecdotes. We are a warm and friendly club, so if you'd like to join us, please CLICK HERE

The Objectives of the British Call Duck Club are:

  • To promote the keeping and breeding of Call Ducks
  • To assist Call breeders both new and old with information and practical help wherever possible
  • To try to access what the majority of members would like to see in the future
  • To promote a clear understanding between breeders, exhibitors and judges as to the desired standards.
  • To encourage suitable classification at shows.
  • To contact clubs and breeders throughout the world with a view to exchanging ideas and information on management, care and breeding techniques
  • To produce two newsletters, a yearbook and a breeders directory each year
  • To encourage the enjoyment of keeping Call ducks as pets, if showing is not at the top of the agenda.
  • To offer Call Duck fans a one-stop-shop for memorabilia! Please see our SHOP for details.
  • To provide a list of contact numbers for area representatives.


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